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The CE-Marking (formerly EC-Marking) in short it means that your product has complied to all the legal requirements laid down by the European Union and it has legally qualified the European Norms.

This 'CE’ Mark is a Mandatory Mark laid down by the European Union. The products falling under the scope of EU-Directives shall comply with the 'CE’ Mark.

"CE”— unlike "ISO”— is not just a "CERTIFICATE”. It is a "MARK”, an "ENDORSEMENT”, a legal "DECLARATION”, which has to be clearly understood by our Manufacturers. According to the Product-Classification and Product-Category, some Products fall under Self-Certification Route and some fall under Notified-Body Route. The Self-Certification Route must follow Ethical Practices of EU-Compliance and the Manufacturer should not feel that he is cheated by the Certification Body.

CE-Marking involves:


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It is mandatory Conformity Marking for certain products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA) since 1985.

CE-Certification establishes the performance characteristics for a product. It consists of the CE logo and, if applicable, the four digit identification number of the Notified Body involved in the Conformity Assessment procedure. If stipulated in the directive(s), an authorized third party (Notified Body) must be involved in the Conformity Assessment procedure.