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    This mark is specifically for “ Quality of a Product.” In the current scenario only Japan & Germany has been looked upon an Countries or Nations which can be trusted for Quality and Reliability. Goemeneasz Conformity Assessment Services also feels that INDIA, too should Stand next to these Nations as a Nation which can produce or Manufacture Quality Products . WORKSMANSHIP and SKILLMANSHIP, EFFORT and KNOWLEDGE of Every Indian should be respected across the world. The purpose is not to compete with Germany and Japan but to Respect them joining into their MOTTO of providing Quality,Safe & Reliable Product to the World.

    It is only through our WORK ,VALUES and EFFORT, that our Nation will be Respected .

    A mere product safety without the right intended quality approach is meaningless and futile. A prime objective where the customer gets value for its hard earned money. Quality is the journey and not a destination we will be covering products for:

    • Electrical engineering for e.g. Electrical Control Panel, Electrical Components, Electronics Products
    • Mechanical Engineering for e.g. Tubes, pipes, shaft, couplings, Bearings etc.
    • Mechanical Machines for e.g. robots, pharma machines like FBD, RMG, Autocoater, Mixer, Ribbon Blender, Packaging machine like blister pack machine, Packaging & sealing machine etc.


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