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    Safety makes a difference between Life and Death.

    This "Product Safety Mark" is for Electrically Powered or Electrically Operated Products falling between, 0 V AC to 1000 V AC,Only and 0 V DC to 1500 V DC Only, Falling in the following Categories.

    • Industrial Category, Example Control Panels and Industrial Tooling and Processing Machines, for Textiles, Plactics, Pharma ,Water Etc.
    • Navigation Category, Example Electrical Control Panels installed in SHIPS, SUBMARINES etc,Boats or Row Boats etc.
    • Domestic Category , Example Electrically Powered Products used as Home Appliances, Example, Electric Iron, Electric Washing Machine, Electric Cooker ,Electric Geyser,Mosquito Coil Heater Etc.
    • Public Service and Support Category Machines and Control Panels used in Control Rooms for Public Services and Support Category.
    • Amusement Park Category Machines and Control Panels used in Control Rooms for Public Services and Support Category
    This Product Safety evaluation will be done completely as per International Guidelines and and as per Internationally Accepted and Practised Norms.
    Objective and Purpose :
    To give a feeling of Assurance, Acknowledgement, Recognition and Approval to the Indian Manufacturers that they can build and Manufacture a SAFE Product for end Consumers or end user Meeting International Standards and Safety Norms & Benchmarks.

    Benefits :
    • It will build Customer Confidence and Faith in the product, and the Organisation that the Manufacturer is concerned about HUMAN SAFETY.
    • It will give a strong respect and economic value to the Product since it will give a “Safe to Use” Solution.
    • It will give “RECOGNITION” and “RESPECT” to the Product and the Manufacturer.
    • The Manufacturer will be recognised for his Safety Consiousnes and the Consumers, will have an unsaid and unspoken respect for the Manufacturers Safety Initiative & Social Accountability.
    • The recognition gained by the customer for his Safe Manufacturing Practices or Safe Product Initiative will gradually get transformed into an Economic value where he can initiate lesser premium for Asset Insurance.
    • Finally the Indian Manufacturing , Indian Engineering will stand with its OWN INDEPENDENT, identity for MADE BY INDIA and MADE IN INDIA products.

    ISA mark is designed specifically to add value to the dignity and safety of Indian manufacturing and Indian engineering, through ISA mark the Indian contribution for better & safer world will be visible & distinct.

    Our Country acknowledges respect the efforts taken in the field of industrial safety & product safety by the European Union (EU) & USA. It’s time that India also shoulders the responsibility for industrial & domestic product safety and thereby lives better & safer world for future generation. We believe Safety is human right.


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