Goemeneasz Conformity Assessment Services evolved in the year 2004 for the economic growth of the small scale, medium scale, & large scale industries to help them export their product by complying with the Global, Regional and International Standards.
Goemeneasz Conformity Assessment Services stands for ethical practices.
It believes in translating challenges into opportunities.

  • are one amongst the four Product Certification specialists in India
  • have a track-record of 99.5% success rate in CE
  • are remembered for value-for-money results
  • are committed to satisfactory work and not just to the agreement of fees
  • are appreciated for our technical know-how
  • Eco-friendly
  • are careful for Carbon Credits
    are considered an experienced and reliable team committed to professionalism.
Mr.Atul Dattatraya Shirodkar
Educational Qualification
  • Masters in Chemical Engg. From Laxminarayan Institute of Technology
  • Member Engineer from the Institute of India, Royal Chartered Buckingham Palace
  • Lead Assessor for ISO 9001-2000, ISO 14001-2004, BS 7799
  • Completed HAZOP from Central Labour Institute
  • Competence in the field of HSE & Quality Systems
  • Completed training program on pressure vessel inspections as per API. American Pretroleum Institue.
  • Trainer for Effective Leadership, quality management and productive management.
  • Testing Services for - accreditation. As per 17025 protocols.

Philosophy of our Business

We are a Solution Provider. Our consulting and testing facilities are based in Mumbai (India). We have been helping our clients in Product Certification, System Certification and Energy Audits.

GCAS offers comprehensive solutions, right from Inspection, Testing & Advisory to final documentation. Goemeneasz India Testing Services, a brother concern of GCSA offers complete solutions on LVD & EMI / EMC testing. We understand your needs, your limitations and your anxiety, so we have made compliance very simple and affordable. Our team of Assessors is committed to extend support, as and when needed—even after working hours—so that your deadlines are met. We sincerely believe in contributing to your success. What’s more, we maintain complete confidentiality of your projects. We truly believe that 'Compliance and Certification’ have to be earned and cannot be bought. We are not only doing our best, but also doing what is necessary. We work shoulder to shoulder with you. Go to extraordinary lengths to follow directives, until your project completion, so as to give value for your money. In product certification, we give comprehensive solutions for CE- Marking, IQA- Marking, ULGC- Marking,CE MARKING, ISA MARKING, IQA MARKING, HS MARKING, CSA- Marking

'Well done’ is always better than Well said

Why you should choose Goemeneasz Conformity and Advisory Services?
  • Our Business is oriented for 'on time delivery.’ We have a proven track record of 'delivery as per schedule.’
  • We have our own consulting, documentation & testing teams that together make the process of Product Certification smooth & easy.
  • We understand our customers very well and provide them with solutions at 'the most reasonable and realistic pricing.’
  • If your project demands our service beyond working hours, we provide it.
  • Our business practices are ethical and we assure complete confidentiality before we begin to deal.

Quotes Synergic to Our Strategy

Every Religion teaches one basic thought – The Almighty is inspecting and observing each of us. Fear the Almighty
Be faithful in small things because it is in them that strength lies.
-Mother Teresa
Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.
—Henry Ford.
My experience of the world is that things left to themselves, don’t get right.
—Thomas Henry Huxley.
Begin with the end in mind.
—Stephen R. Covey.
Seva Devo Bhavah; Seva Dharmo Bhavah; Seva Karmo Bhavah.
—Sanskrit Verse.
The things that will destroy us are. . .
• Politics without Principle
• Pleasure without Conscience
• Wealth without Work
• Knowledge without Character
• Business without Morality
• Science without Humanity
• Worship without Sacrifice.
—Mahatma Gandhi

Our Clients

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